Brown Long-eared Bat by Miranda Collett

We hope you enjoy navigating our website which is updated on a regular basis.

We are a group of avid batters dedicated to the conservation of bats in Jersey.  Our current overriding project is to determine which species we have in Jersey, as the last island wide survey was completed in 2003.

With this aim in mind we are running several projects including the Roost register, Woodland Bat project and the Swarming and Hibernation Project.  Take a look at our page on Local Research to get an update.

Please take a look at our Whats On page to get information about walks, surveys, research.  You will need to be a member to go on our walks and surveys but it only costs £5 per year and we have a supply of detectors to lend out to people to try.  Please go to our Membership page.  We also have a Corporate membership scheme please see our page Corporate membership.

We also hold public walks several times per year to inspire people to understand bats.  In 2014 our participants numbered around 70 and with the 2 walks in 2015 we totalled over 160.

If you come across a dead or injured bat it is really important that you advise us or take it directly to the New Era Vets who are experienced with bat handling.  Please go to Bat Welfare page.

In 2016 we have a number of training and events which we are organising or taking part in; The Bat group were active at the States of Jersey Environment Department Wild Weekend in April.  On the weekend of 13/14 May we invited Bob Cornes to come and give us advice on our Woodland project and we had two nights of amazing bat research.  Please see write up in Latest News.  We have an advanced survey techniques training course hosted by BatCRU in July, International Bat Weekend bat walks in August and the 2nd Channel Islands Bat Conference in October.  Keep an eye on our What’s On page for details!

You can also subscribe to receive information of events via our Facebook page

Please take a look at our page Bats in Jersey to discover more about our island bats.  We also have a Photo Gallery to which we regularly add photos.  If you are interested in the way in which bats navigate and hunt take a look at our page on Echolocation.

Bat group members have access to our Members page, which is password protected. All minutes of meetings are posted here and it is also the area to go to if you would like to contribute something to the website.
If you are a member and need the password, or if you have any other ideas that you would like to share with just the committee, please let us know at enquiries@jerseybatgroup.org

We are a non-profit NGO and always welcome donations to further our research on Jersey’s bats.

We hope to welcome you back soon!


Jersey's dedicated Bat Conservationists