About us

The Jersey Bat Group reformed in Autumn 2006 with an aim to help protect the island’s bats. We established ourselves as a registered charity and developed a mission statement…

To survey and monitor bat populations, roosts, hibernacula and foraging sites in Jersey and provide information and education regarding bats to the Jersey public. Where possible to take steps to help protect local bat populations, in line with recommendations from the Species Action Plan.

Anyone with an interest in bats is welcome to join the group. We hold regular meetings, conduct research into bat activity and breeding status, and help home owners identify roosts and species. We have member’s walks and public bat walks and opportunities to attend presentations about bats in Jersey and worldwide. For more information see our Membership page.

We are keen for people who think they may have bats to get in touch as we can offer support and advice to how to encourage their bats. We liaise closely with the States of Jersey Environment Division to help advise on bat protection in Jersey. Only by knowing where bat populations exist, how many there are and of what species can we effectively conserve Jersey’s native bat populations.

Please support this worthwhile charity by donating towards our island bat research.

Please contact us with any questions at enquiries@jerseybatgroup.org