Gold Membership

Asbestos Risk Management Jersey – Martin Choudhury Email :

Phone : 07700 350 130 

Viberts, Viberts House, PO Box 737, Don Street, St Helier, Jersey JE4 8ZQ

Phone: +44 1534 632269

Our Gold Members have kindly contributed to the long term bat research project. All year round bat activity in the East and West of the island are closely monitored in two areas of interest. 


Bronze Membership

Sangan Island Conservation Ltd., First Floor Office, Le Puits Outbuilding, La Rue des Marais, St Mary Jersey, JE3 3AN


Contact name and telephone number: Amy Hall, 07797795749

Jersey International Centre of Advanced Studies (JICAS)., Top Floor, Highlands College, Turner Building, Highlands Lane, Jersey JE1 1HL, 



If you’d like to consider purchasing a corporate membership from the Jersey Bat Group then please contact us to discuss the various options