Bronze- £50 p.a.

  • the corporate name and contact details will be placed on the website and facebook page, both of which are actively maintained and are regularly visited by members and non-members.
  • all the emails that members get will be sent to one nominated email address
  • any employee can attend walks, surveys and meetings.
  • a fact sheet/poster will be provided for display in the workplace.

Silver – £90 p.a.

As for Bronze, plus:

  • sponsorship of new bat boxes for the Woodland Bat Box project or further supplies for the East/West Long-term Monitoring project*.
  • Acknowledgement of sponsorship will be included on the website and facebook page.

Gold – £130 p.a.

As for silver, plus:

  • The opportunity for the corporate member to give a talk on their work at one of the JBG member training events or conferences each year (option to supply promotional items (e.g. pens, note pads) with branding at the event).
  • JBG will arrange a bat activity evening walk exclusively for a group of employees and their families once a year – walks are restricted to the primary bat activity season of May to August

* In the event that sponsorship as noted above is not required then alternative sponsorship will be available.

Download the form here: Corporate membership form