Goffroy’s Bat is a medium sized bat with long woolly fur.  The dorsal side is a rusty-brown colour whereas the ventral side is paler.  Distinguishing features are the pale face and the notch in the outer ear which is almost perpendicular.

These bats can be found in generally warm areas such as the mediterranean and from France, Spain to  the Southern Balkans, and tend to favour islands.

Their roosts are often in cattle sheds or in churches, tree holes or buildings.

This species forages in cluttered areas and has manoeuvrable flight characteristsics.  It gleans insects from leaves and generally feeds on spiders, lacewings, moths, small beetles and Diptera.

They are not known for their migration ability although some examples have migrated short to medium distances.

They are considered Vulnerable in the IUCN redist.

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