On 23 July the Jersey Bat Group discovered a Daubenton’s Bat (Myotis daubentonii), whilst trapping in Val de la Mare Reservoir.

This is a new species for Jersey and increases our total confirmed species to fourteen.

Daubenton's Bat

Photo by Amy Hall

Daubenton’s Bat is a small bat with shorter ears and tragus than the other regional Myotis species.  Its forearm is greater than 33mm and it weighs between 6-10 grams.  The dorsal side is usually brownish, to brown-grey and shiny with a clearly delineated ventral colour of light grey to whitish-grey.  It has a short muzzle and a ring of bare pinkish skin around the eyes.

Its most notable feature is the large feet with long white hairs which it uses with its tail membrane to scoop up insects from just above water level.  It is often seen skimming large water bodies for prey within a few cm of the water.

It has a large range of almost all of Europe, except for north Scandanavia and roosts in trees, bat boxes, underneath bridges and rarely, in buildings.

Daubentons-1 - Copy

Photo by Miranda Collett