The Jersey Bat Group is encouraging all people in Jersey to get involved with the Bat Conservation Trust Sunset/Sunrise Survey

We are looking for bat roosts (bats emerging from buildings, trees etc), bat activity in the Island and generally ‘all things batty!’

The Bat Conservation Trust have useful guidance and recording software specifically for this task that we would encourage you to use. If you have any question or would rather submit your bat sightings in another format then please email us

Keen to get involved in BCT bat monitoring?

This survey is ideal for you if you don’t have previous bat surveying experience. It is also a perfect opportunity to get together with family/friends and discover bats and other wildlife in your local area. Simply head out at dusk or before dawn, or both! Spend an hour in your garden or walking around your local area and look out for bats.

  • You can carry out your survey anytime from April to September.
  • You will need: Survey form, pencil/pen, torch, watch.
  • If you are doing your survey in the evening start at sunset. If you are doing your survey at dawn start one hour before sunrise.
  • Spend an hour looking for bats and any other nocturnal animals you can see or hear.

Download the BCT instructions and recording form here: Instructions and form


Enter your data online here: Enter online

Please note that this data is shared with the Jersey Biodiversity Centre directly so there would be no need to submit this data separately. This means that all your data can be used in local environmental decision making to protect habitats, roosts and bats of course!

The Bat Conservation Trust have some useful guidance and videos available to explain what you are looking for: Please view BCT guidance

The three main things to look out for:

1. Bats in flight

2. Bats emerging from a roost at dusk

3. Bats swarming around a roost before dawn

Good luck with your bat surveys! If you needed any help or guidance then please do not hesitate to contact us via Email or Facebook

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